Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pinoy Rosalinda Looks More Like Fedra

The Pinoy version of Rosalinda is about to start so the local boob tube is filled with the faces of newcomer, Carla Abellana who is going to play the title role, with Geoff Eigenmann as the chubby version of Fernando Jose.

In fairness to the two, they look so much alike, especially their eyes. They can pass as siblings. Carla has the potential to make it big, but this kind of role could become more successful if GMA 7 had chosen Heart Evangelista to play the lead. This could be her reunion project with Geoff and that would be something to look forward to because they had good chemistry with the soap that they had done with ABS CBN ages ago (hence I can no longer remember the title).

As for Carla, the main reason why I don't want her for this project is because she reminds me so much of the original Fedra, the one who played as the main antagonist on the Mexican version of this soap opera. Fedra was played by Mexican actress, Nora Salinas.

Here they are, Mexican actress Nora Salinas and Pinoy Rosalinda, Carla Abellana. Do you see the similarities or is it just me?

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