Thursday, November 6, 2008

The News that Hit and Failed the Spot

Big News: Barack Obama was elected as the US' 44th President.

Sad News: Jurassic Park author, Michael Crichton died of cancer. He was 66.

Intriguing News: "I'm off women now." That is according to Idol judge, Simon Cowell, after it was reported that he has broken up with long time girlfriend, Terri Seymour. Let's just wait and see if Cowell is bound to the direction that Clay Aiken has gone to.

Get your pillows ready, for here are some boring news:

As for the local showbiz scene here in the Philippines, nothing much is happening. The pages of the dailies as well as online showbiz magazines like PEP, are bombarded with showbiz tidbits about stars who aren't really worthy to be read.

  • Karylle and Dingdong breakup. Honestly, when they were still on, did you even follow what was happening to their relationship? Now that they have admitted that they have broken up, after so much beating around the bush, Tsismosa says, SO WHAT?
  • Marian Rivera's breakup with her non-showbiz boyfriend and her non-involvement with the breakup of Dingdong and Karylle. Yeah, yeah, you know, these people are not using such issues for the promotion of their upcoming boring movie (but I am open to be proven wrong). Believe it or not, Tsismosa says, NEXT!

  • Jennylyn Mercado continues to hate Patrick Garcia and she's being very vocal about it. Yeah, it is understandable for this girl to feel that way. But can't she just keep it off the record? It is becoming a redundant issue that no matter how I may sympathize with the girl at first, even if I don't really know her and haven't seen any of her projects, I am just getting too fed up with this. Tsismosa says, ENOUGH ALREADY!

  • The Yasmin or Jasmin-JC something calling names or not calling each other by their names hehe! Confused? Me too! I don't even know who these people are. Tsismosa says, SINO DAW!
  • The sikuhan issue of 2 GMA starlets, Jewel and Bubbles. Owkay... so whose elbow hit what, where and when? Tsismosa says, NEVER MIND!

  • Becky Aguila vs Mel Pulmano. The issue? Money! Becky accused Mel of stealing big amount of money from her roster of talents. The controversial manager made it appear that Mel would release some negative publicity about her prized talent, Angel Locsin, if the issue would come out in the public. But have you seen Mel? You know how Becky looks like, eh? I know, a book must never be judged by its cover. But just one look at these 2 and you will get a feeling of who is really telling the truth. As for Ms. Aguila, she has proven how greedy she can be when she chose money over loyalty in the case of Angel when she made her jump off onto a lonelier fence. Tsismosa says, WHAT'S NEW?

  • The continuous domination of GMA 7 on Mega Manila's ratings game. I can't really appreciate their shows. Most of them, especially on the primetime block, are too un-original and nakakasawa na! It's not enjoyable to watch stars who lack the needed X-factor to shine. But it's becoming more painful as you get to see them perform in a mediocre way, makaraos lang! Tsismosa says, WORKSHOP YOUR TALENTS, GMA!

  • Criselda Volks admitted that she was the girl on the sex video. Um... okay. This girl has done enough damage to her life. She should start cleaning up her acts before it becomes too late. Hay, Tsismosa says, NEXT!

  • Snooky Serna has a new man in her life. Okay, good for her, end of issue.

  • Willie Revillame's house was robbed. Tsismosa says, DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT OTHERS DO UNTO YOU.

There are some stars that people love hearing about even if the news is only about their usual day-to-day activities. And there are those who are becoming involved in complicated situations but yet, fail to catch the interest of the viewing public. This only means that not because you are in the news, not because you've got the most headlines on PEP, or your manager is writing about your feats in showbiz columns at Pilipino Star Ngayon or even The Philippine Star and Inquirer, means that people actually care about you.

Showbiz news, especially on the local scene, can never be the measurement of who is hot and who is not in the industry. There are really those "stars" who fail to hit the spot no matter what they do for the sake of being talked about.

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