Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jennifer Hudson – In Times of Grief

Jennifer Hudson's world started crumbling down Friday after the murder of her mother and brother. But the singer/actress and an American Idol alumna fought back to bring justice and at the same time, kept her hopes up in finding her missing 7-year-old nephew who was with the slain victims at the time of the crime.

To make matters worse, the boy was found, Monday, at the backseat of a 1994 Chevy Suburban that was abandoned at Chicago's West Side, dead and was shot multiple times.

As of today, police say that this crime is domestic related. The Chicago police have taken William Balfour into custody. He is the estranged husband of the mother of the slain child, Jennifer Hudson's sister, Julia, although he is not the father of Jennifer's nephew.

Balfour spent almost 7 years in prison and was out on parole. He was convicted before for attempted murder, hijacking and possession of stolen vehicle. He is now being held for parole violations which were not related to the Hudson investigation. Balfour's mother denied her son's involvement with the killings.

Jennifer's colleagues in the industry and the American Idol judges expressed their support for the actress/singer. This may be a tough time for Jen. She had a lot going on for her. Her star is on the rise and she has also gotten engaged this year.

For Jen and her family, may you find peace, justice and the courage to be able to stand tall and strong and fill the holes that the tragedy has created after all these hurdles.

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