Saturday, September 22, 2007


I’ve already accomplished most of my childhood dreams except for one, to be a showbiz reporter and write about celeb gossip (but I don’t really want to be the likes that are seen on TV, running like mad just to be able to catch on with a starlet and gasping a non-sense question, really, for a small piece of showbiz tsismis). I just want to write.

I used to write for free for a now defunct website about celebrity gossip, but since the target was US readers, I only wrote about Hollywood stars. I was able to last for about five articles, and then I could no longer find anything interesting about them. And so my page died a very expected death…

And so I am doing this blog, just to let out the jologs in me, to be able to free the showbiz writer inside of me and to be able to write not only about the latests Hollywood gossip, but also in the Philippines, where I am and where I plan to be for the rest of my life (naks!). But it’s not because I love this country so much, it’s just that I have a fear of flying, hehe!

And so this blog is now official on! Mga kapwa ko tsismosa, read on! :)

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