Friday, May 27, 2016

The Day That I Stopped Watching The Story Of Us

When ABS-CBN through Star Creatives announced the comeback of the KimXi loveteam, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim, on primetime TV, it was marketed as “due to insistent requests, we’re bringing back the premiere love team.” In that case, the fans were made to believe that after waiting for so long, the tandem will finally have a show that they can call their own.

It was long overdue. After they hit in My Binondo Girl, they were placed as part of an ensemble via Ina, Kapatid, Anak, where the loveteam wasn’t really pushed because it was more of a family drama. After having two blockbuster films, they were separated on TV. Kim was paired with Coco Martin and Xian was left without any projects.

You can only imagine the longing of their fans to see them together on TV. They were given films after not being a pair on TV for a time. The first one  was a comedy, Past Tense, which was fairly good, but was not marketed well. It wasn’t shown in the primetime news on ABS-CBN, TV Patrol. A few people knew about it and on its first day, there were technical glitches that it was not shown in many provinces.

The second one, an out of the blue MMFF entry, All You Need is Pag Ibig, was a rushed project and it was quite evident. I only watched the parts of KimXi and yes, I did not watch it in cinemas, like what I religiously did with their past films. KimXi’s story was quite ordinary that it wasn't worth to be made into a film. I scanned the film and I found the story of the two oldies the most interesting. Without a good story, I was simply looking for kilig, but it wasn’t given by its director. I couldn’t last watching the couple’s kissing scene in the last part because the camera was rotating and you will just get dizzy catching up. It was obvious that the tandem of Jodi Sta. Maria and Ian Veneracion was favored in that film, and not even Kris Aquino. It was my least favorite among the movies of KimXi and the only one that I did not bother re-watching.

While Kim was continuously bestowed with TV and movie projects, Xian was only able to resurrect himself via the film, Everything about Her, early this year. And boy, he really made an impact and many people finally accepted him as an actor and someone who can stand on his own even without a loveteam partner.

When The Story Of Us was announced, many KimXi fans were actually surprised that it happened because we were at the point when we were already accepting that the tandem was bound to go separately careerwise. In their interviews, Kim and Xian both expressed that this may be their last TV project as a loveteam. It was okay because they aren’t really getting any younger and they have both proven that they can do other projects and shine without being paired together.

For most of the KimXi fans, this is a farewell project. This is something that we would record because we never know when we'd see them next as a pair on screen. It was special. During the promo, the project sounded special as well. It would be shot outside of the country and KimXi would have a love scene, a first for their teamup.

When it started showing, I kept on reading tweets of certain fans. Many of them were happy with the technical aspects of the soap and the story. I was not entertained at all. The story was a bore. Actually, there was no strong story. It only revolves on a theme – wagas na pag-ibig. The soap ran for a couple of months without a clear idea about where it was heading. It was apparent by the lack of cliffhangers in the preview of its upcoming episodes. For me, it only showed that even the creatives behind it were finding it hard to make the story more exciting.

Even without a good and solid story, I continued watching because every day, I became a witness to the continuous improvement of the two leads, Kim and Xian, in terms of their acting.

Out of the blue, the director was changed. I was actually happy because I was a fan of Ms. Cathy Garcia Molina. I thought that she can finally lead this soap to a real “wagas na pag-ibig” turn. But I was very wrong. Kim’s character was married to the character who’s being played by a newbie who needs subtitles whenever he is delivering his dialogues. I can’t understand him and I don’t want to be rude, but he doesn’t register well on TV. There were a lot of actors who could have played his important role, actors who can deliver, such as the likes of Enchong Dee or Rayver Cruz, or another newbie who can deliver and who can speak with clarity.

During the time of Direk Richard Somes, I religiously watched the soap without a miss, but I must admit that I was bored. When Direk Cathy took charge, I watched till the day that Kim and Xian parted ways in the cottage and Xian as Macoy, surrendered himself to the cops. It was the night that The Story Of Us ended in my mind. A bittersweet ending that left me with a lot of what could have been.

If there are many violent reactions from most KimXi fans that the show is getting now, it is mainly because of a broken promise. Can they do this kind of disrespect to other fan groups, like – marry Kathryn Bernardo to another star instead of Daniel Padilla in a story that was marketed as their solo show as a team? I doubt it. It saddens me that the show that once brought the fans together is now the reason why the KimXi fandom is breaking apart. Most fans are hurting. I know that Kim and Xian understand that based on their non-tweets about the upcoming episodes wherein they will be paired with other people.

The series did not succeed in its premise of being a tribute to OFWs, with the character of Kim as Tin, being weak and obsessed with money. Xian’s character was morally okay that is why many fans were rooting for him. This makes it unfair for Kim. It is plain and obvious now that the real purpose of Star Creatives for mounting the show was to break up the loveteam of KimXi in our faces. They could have done it in a better way, by having Kim play the kind of character that many people can also relate to. She could have been the independent woman who became so used to managing on her own in New York and made Macoy feel that she no longer needed him when he came.

The Story Of Us has no solid story. It only goes with the flow. It injects characters and eliminates those who could have made it a better soap had their characters stayed. Until now, I can’t accept that the Darwin character died. He could have grown up and still remembers Tin even though she had forgotten about him. There was no need for Tin to get married. The story could have been better had it not gotten out of Palawan. It fell into a disaster when it moved to New York.

So what happened to the character of Aiko? Why Tin did not bother to visit the grave of her brother? Why did Macoy left the Philippines when he had a good job only to become an illegal alien abroad? There were a lot of loopholes and until now, they are creating even more. As much as I want to see Kim and Xian often on TV, this is not something that I can stand and waste my time with. I’ll continue being a fan and support their projects if I find them worthwhile. For Kim and Xian, choose your projects wisely. Now that Dreamscape is becoming better when it comes to stories and delivery, I think that it is high time for Star Creatives to take a rest and focus in making films instead, where they are good at.

Xian has honed his acting skills. I really hope that you’d be given more projects similar to EAH. Kim, please be careful with the roles that you portray. In the local showbiz industry, for me, there are only three who are genuinely adored mostly by kids, Sarah G, Toni G. and Kim. My niece loved you, Kim, but asks me now why are you kissing another guy in a story where she thought Xian was supposed to be the boyfriend. You can get more mature and keep on improving without giving up your wholesome image. Just be wise and I hope that your next projects will be something that can be watched by kids as well.

The story of Kim and Xian behind the camera is actually more interesting than the soap where they are starring in. Whether they are a couple or not for real, the friendship and the journey of that friendship is really inspiring. It is something that creates magic when they are together on screen. It is something that we’re now being deprived of seeing with where their soap opera is heading.


tedgirl said...

At the start, it showed a lot of promise but after the wedding, it just fizzled out...If the announcement is true, TSOU is closing in 3 weeks time ... mixed feeling but one thing is sure KimXi will be missed again after a long wait..

Gilbert Enciso said...

When TSOU serye started I promised myself that I will start & finish this serye upto it's finale. For me fhe first episodes were perfect, i always looked forward to the next episode(s), but after the polo scene in the condo & after the wedding i just was so disappointed, heartbroken & hurt for TiCoy most especially for Macoy. After all his EFFORTS it just boiled down to this. And now that the serye is slowly picking up where it was once lost the announcement of the FINALE ... what a blow & what sadness it made me feel. I love KimXi & I will still watch TSOU because I am really a big fan but TSOU sort of disappointed ... i did not expect this outcome. But still I will savor the LAST 3 WEEKS of watching KimXi on TV and then ... I will start missing watching them on TV again ... ='(

tSisMoSa! said...

Hugs, fellow kimxis! It seems as if there is more to this serye that we don't see. Parang ang daming nakikialam behind the scene. How could the lead girl possibly end up w/ a newbie, which led to the break-up of TiCoy? Knowing Star Creatives na mahigpit in terms of casting (remember how they axed Xian in Maja's soap, sabi kasi di maka-deliver accordingly) The male 3rd party here in TSOU is worse pero ang haba ng eksena, parusa!

I feel na kahit si Kim and Xian are relieved that this soap is ending. This is no longer their story. Yung teaser for the last 3 weeks, highlighted pa rin si 3rd wheel. Does he own Star Creatives? Ang lakas nya! Di na ko magugulat kung mabigyan sya ng solo starrer, malaking good luck!

I don't want to support even the last 3 weeks kasi inilayo na nila sa KimXi ang spotlight. I am happy for Kim w/The Voice, at least, nakukuha nya ulit ang loob ng mga bata na muntik mawala dahil sa di magandang characterization kay Tin Manalo. I'll be praying hard for Xian to get equal opportunities. Let's wish the 2 the best of luck. Do not be sad, Kim & Xian have lots of potentials. They may not be as powerful as the person who played as the male 3rd wheel, but they are more talented and well-loved.

TheOzSyMum said...

I so agree that the writers of TSOU painted themselves into a corner that they couldn't extricate themselves from - it was all downhill for me after the unfortunate wedding scene. It was very painful to watch every episode since then and it boggles the mind how Tin and Macoy can ever get back together as they are now paired with different partners! You are so right about ABS CBN and its "broken promise" to the hordes of KimXi fans all over the world - for instead of this being a teleserye highlighting and strengthening the much-loved tandem, it sadly turned out to be a vehicle to seemingly advance the career of its "related parties" - and yes, even at the expense of breaking up KimXi. The only "up side" is that in KimXi's case, real always trumps reel. Rant over.

=) Thank You for Visiting tSiSmoSa! (=