Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why People Must Watch Past Tense Even Though TV Patrol Would Not Report Anything About It?

It is hard to be a fan when it is quite blatant that your idols are not the network's favorite, but this is an understatement for the Kim Chiu and Xian Lim tandem, for they seem to be non-existent for their mother network, ABS-CBN. TV Patrol would report about the trending topics of the Kapamilya shows, how the mall tour went for JaDine and every move and breathe of KathNiel. TV Patrol never mentioned that Kim was nominated for Star Awards, neither did they say anything when she won. It was not reported when the movie, Past Tense, had its press con, blog con and premiere night. It did give a brief (napipilitang) advisory about the technical glitch, when the copies of the film did not reach the cinemas in Visayas and Mindanao.

The supposed big promo of the movie on ASAP coincided with Pacquiao's fight, so it was moved a week ahead. They were able to guest on The Buzz on the Sunday after Manny won, but they were interviewed by Boy Abunda and Toni Gonzaga, who were so bland all along, but got excited when they thought that they could already talk to Manny via live feed. It was written all over Toni's face - "You cannot take away the BOQ title from me, Kim." This may be the reason why she had to squeeze in a joke that pertained to Kim's former love team partner, when she knew that a lot of KimXi fans were watching. She was not like that to KathNiel. Would she dare bring out the name of Jasmine Curtis in an interview with Kathniel even in a form of a joke? I bet not.

Luckily, I am in Luzon, so I got to watch the film on its first day. First, this movie has brought back my admiration for Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas as a comedienne. The scenes where she recognizes the people that the character of Kim knows, were bitin. Those were hilarious, especially with the senator. 

Kim Chiu, oh my gosh! Ang galing galing mo na! Isampal mo ang movie na ito sa lahat nang nagsasabing di ka marunong umarte. Belle was radiant, beautiful and funny - all thanks to Kim, and no other actress of her league could have given the same impact. On a personal note, whatever Kim is doing with her life now must really be good because she is at her most beautiful in this film. She is not payat (so please, stop the teasers of Praybeyt Benjamin with a punchline wherein Vice Ganda said that Kim does not eat, hence her figure), Kim is sexy and she looks healthier than Vice. Wala naman kasi sa laki ng katawan yun.

Xian Lim... You were the reason why I dragged my whole family into the cinema right after the kids had gotten home from school. We all love you here, warts and all. No matter how most of the local tabloid writers try to bring you down, we still regard you highly. So please, if you ought to change, just keep on improving, but never mind your haters. I came home missing the fat Babs. I bet that you can really relate to the character because he was so real. Bigay na bigay.

The film was simple and rushed, but it was turned extraordinary by the three main leads - Kim Chiu, Xian Lim and Ai-Ai delas Alas. On our way home, my 10-year-old niece would mimic Kim and Ai-Ai's way of talking, like she would say "Letz go home with an M," or "Nakakatawa yung movie with an E." I bet that she would use this kind of lingo to her friends for the weeks to come. My 4-year-old niece was serious when she thought out loud, "Nakakatawa yung Past Tense no, pero nakakakilig, pero nakakaiyak... Nakakaloka yung Past Tense!"

It would not have been the same if the film did not star the trio. Kim and Xian have both leveled up not only with their acting skills, but with their kissing scenes. You can feel their love for one another, not only with their kisses, but also with how they look at each other. It feels real. Kilig. Kaiyak. Kaloka. 

Watch the film with the whole family. Everybody will surely love it!

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I really feel like I can be your best friend because of our admiration for Kim. You said the same things that I will say about her! Thanks for this Pls. keep writing about Kimmy. I live very far from Philippines so as much as I try to follow her career, I need to be more updated. Thus I follow your blog. Keep it up!

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